The First All-in-One Resale App

The rScan app makes resale as easy as scan, post, and sell.

Developed by users

The rScan app was built from our own experience buying and selling liquidated eCommerce products.

Easy to use

The strength of the rScan app is its simplicity – scan the UPC code, post to resale platforms, and sell.

The Freedom of All-in-One

The rScan app keeps track of all your inventory, including past and present orders.

The Freedom of an
All-in-One App

Real-time Product Data

rScan’s Scanner Pulls Product Information from the Most Up-to-Date Sources to Ensure your Product Information is Accurate


rScan’s Inventory shows what products are scanned, posted, and sold in real-time so that you have accurate data at your fingertips.

Order History

rScan’s order page tracks all your product information and coordinates postings to maximize sales exposure.

An App to Build a Business

Our mission is simple – to empower resellers to grow their business. rScan gives you all the tools to scan quickly, post across platforms, and sell for a profit. The app simplifies the resale process so that you can focus on where to grow next.

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What our clients are saying

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